Our Service Includes


Walls spot cleaned, skirting tiles wiped down

Removal of soap scum and calcium from all tiles around bath and in shower recess

Vanity, basin and cupboards, including Fronts/Inside. Mirror wiped

Light fittings and switches wiped down

Exhaust Fans cleaned cleaned

Internal Windows, sills and tracks

Doorways and architraves wiped down


Cupboards, (Internal and External), Tops and Fronts

All surfaces and splashbacks

Cooktop, surfaces, Elements, Burners, Control Knobs

Range-hood thoroughly cleaned – Filters removed and cleaned

Sinks and draining boards cleaned and polished

Fridge, Microwave, Dishwashers, wiped out ( if applicable)

Light Fittings/Switches and Power Points wiped down


Cistern lid removed, drained, cleaned out and flush through

Toilet seat completely removed, bowl cleaned in and around and as much calcium removed, as possible

Window and sill cleaned

Walls spot cleaned

Light fitting, switches and exhaust fan cleaned


Walls spot cleaned and skirting boards dusted and wiped

Light switches an power points cleaned

Light fittings cleaned (where possible & safe) or dusted

Ceiling fans dusted, Air Conditioner filters cleaned

Doorways & architraves wiped

Stairway and handrail wiped, (if applicable)


Troughs, cupboards and shelving

Clean bench surfaces and overhead cupboards, (if applicable)

Clean splashback and tiled areas, including skirting tiles

Clean exhaust fan, (if applicable)

Internal Windows, Tracks and Sills cleaned

Waste traps cleaned

Light fittings/switches cleaned


Walls spot cleaned

Light Fittings, Switches, Power Points and skirtings wiped down

Ceiling Fans wiped down and dust removed

Floors cleaned and mopped

Windows (interior), Tracks and Sills

Doors and Architraves wiped down


Walls spot cleaned

Floors vacuumed

Light Fittings, Switches and Power Points wiped down

Window (Interior), Tracks and sills cleaned

Fan Blades wiped down (if applicable)

Air Conditioner filter cleaned

Doors and Architraves wiped down


Sweep Floor

Remove all cobwebs

Clean light fitting on Roller door Motor

Wipe down light switches

Clean door and architrave, leading into house, (if applicable)

All tiled areas are cleaned of soap scum and calcium build up, but the grout is NOT cleaned. This will require a specialised Grout Cleaner.